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Welcome to the Nesting Crane!  I'm Kendra, and I'm writing from beautiful Marin County, California, where I live.  Most of my life has been about finding a creating a 'home' for myself; in my community and social circle, in my body and self, and lately, in my closet.   

A little about me: I started sewing 3ish years ago, when my boyfriend bought me a sewing machine for Christmas. I hadn't even known I'd wanted a sewing machine, but it became my favorite creative outlet almost immediately. The boyfriend possibly has magical powers of gift giving (not a bad trait in a significant other, really). I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, in Marin and love it here. I cohabitate with said magical gift-giving boyfriend and our amusingly intelligent white cat (who has, for cat hair visibility's sake, slowly shifted my wardrobe from being primarily made up blacks to now stone greys).

When I'm not at my sewing machine, I'm finishing up my dual master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and Educational Psychology. Basically, I work in schools and am the person who does the neuropsychological testing to determine who qualifies for special education and what that plan might look like. I love love LOVE my job and feel lucky to get to know and hopefully impact all sorts of families, students and teachers.

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Why the cranes?  I'm half Japanese, though most people would never guess just by looking at me (must be the Irish/Scottish other half).  Cranes, in my family, signify health, well-being and good wishes, but for me they especially remind me of my grandmother.  My Japanese grandmother and I were really close when I was young, and she taught me almost everything I know about kindness and belonging.  She showed me what coming home feels like and I have enjoyed sharing that with others, both on the interwebs and off.

So, welcome!  I'm so glad you're here.  Kick off your shoes and stay a while.  My home is your home.

With so much love,


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